After EMT-basic certification: Careers besides EMT for the EMT-basic Certifed

EMT basic training should be viewed as merely the first door to open toward a fulfilling career in the medical field. EMT training itself starts at the basic level with 3 to 5 levels of certification depending on the state in which you certify. EMT training can be a stepping stool to a wide variety of careers.

  1. Emergency Medical Services – EMTs often begin as part of an ambulance crew. With further training and certification come opportunities to be part of emergency helicopter flight crews, directors of emergency response units, dispatchers, operations managers, administrators or executive directors of emergency services.
  1. Medical Fields – EMT training can be a valuable introduction to other fields within medicine. Having EMT certification also provides medical students a ready source of income and the odd on-call schedules for EMTs allow you to work while you’re in school. Many EMTs go on to become nurses, physicians and other medical workers. EMT training gives you a first look at the medical field and can help you decide on a career path.
  1. Technology – The introduction EMTs receive in medical procedures and technology can lead to careers in medical technology sales and marketing. Many medical tech and emergency medical equipment companies recruit medical workers and technicians with a talent for sales to work as sales reps or marketing account managers to sell their products to hospitals and medical facilities. The connections you make as an emergency responder can be the basis of your future sales network if you are inclined in that direction.
  1. Business – As an EMT, you have countless opportunities to meet people within your local medical community. Building rapport and creating a personal network can be useful should you decide to start your own medical related business. Listen to folk you work with; their problems, their complaints and needs. Opportunities to address those problems or needs present themselves constantly. A man in Texas, for instance, built a multi-million dollar business making plastic collection jars for E.R.s after a nurse complained to him about how often they broke glass ones.
  1. Related Fields – Many police officers and firefighters add EMT training to their skills set to increase their pay and their value to their departments. EMTs can do the same, picking up parallel training in policework, firefighting, security and even the military. Military recruiters may even provide incentives to EMTs to enlist and obtain advanced training in the armed services.

The Future:
EMT basic prep and training may open doors to a variety of career tracks. Opportunities abound for skilled first-responders in other fields. Resist the impulse to get into a rut. Keep your skills sharp and your eyes open throughout your career.

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